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Sharing Memories from Video to DVD

by | Mar 30, 2017

Sharing Memories from Video to DVD

From projector slides and film to home movies on video to DVD, the way to capture special moments has evolved over time. Now you can share these memories on DVD no matter the original format with the help of media transfers. Then, you better make sure the whole family gets a copy!

Video to DVD Transfer

While it’s harder to find devices that playback VHS and other older video content, transfering footage stored in these formats to DVD is easy. Devices like VHS/DVD recorders get the job done. All you need are clear instructions and a blank DVD. Before you know it, those videos are directly transferred from one format to the other.

External or internal computer DVD burners help you burn video and other content that is either already accessible on your hard drive or downloaded there. Depending on the format, you’ll need the right connection cables and a blank DVD for a successful duplication.

Digital Video to DVD

In this digital age, sharing pictures and videos is as easy as emailing, messaging, or uploading content to social media. But what about the older footage shot before the Internet age? How do you share these precious memories with loved ones not online? There are several ways to cover all media and make it accessible to all family members.

Digital video files already downloaded from a camera or uploaded to social media are easily burned to a DVD. There are even video editing tools that turn pictures and video clips into high-quality movies with text and background music. Then simply burn the finished cut onto a DVD and distribute to friends and family.

Need More Copies?

Once you have the footage transferred to DVD, making copies is easy. You can either pop another blank DVD into the drive and keep on burning, or inquire about the duplication services provided by Disc Hounds.

For more complicated methods of video to DVD transfers and duplication, you can contact Disc Hounds at 610-696-8668 for service and advice on the best way to share your memories.