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How to Keep VHS Tapes of Treasured Memories in Top Condition

by | Aug 15, 2019

How to Keep VHS Tapes of Treasured Memories in Top Condition

VHS tapes were a big hit in the 1980s, quickly surpassing other formats for filming home movies. Delicate film reels, bulky projectors, and the wait to get film developed were no longer necessary. But time passes and technology is constantly evolving. Nowadays digital formats reign the industry, although many of us still hang on to our old movie memories in VHS formats. Even those of us who have already transferred these movies to more modern formats have a hard time tossing out the originals. Here’s what can you do to keep VHS tapes in good condition.

Why Don’t They Last?

As time passes, the tape inside the plastic cassette grows brittle, making it more susceptible to breaking when played. The material loses its magnetism as well, causing the movie’s quality, color, and image sharpness to deteriorate. Even if you keep VHS tapes in top condition, where do you find working equipment to play them on in this day and age?

Tips to Keep VHS Tapes Properly Stored

Where to store tapes. Moisture and extreme temperatures are key factors in the degradation of tape material. For that reason, this media must be kept out of basements, attics, and garages, where they’re likely to come in contact with heat, cold, dampness, or humidity. Pick a cool location away from direct light, air vents, and dust.

How to store tapes. Keep VHS tapes in their cases and never touch the delicate material inside each cassette. If you need some spare cases, check out thrift stores or on websites like eBay. Each tape should be properly labeled so that it doesn’t get misplaced, or worse, accidentally thrown away. Neatly stack VHS tapes upright in waterproof bins, not cardboard, and make sure to stack them together tight enough so that they don’t jiggle around and get damaged when moved. Before you stow them away, check that each one is rewound.

Put Your Treasured Memories in the Hands of a Professional

If you wish to preserve your movie memories for future generations to enjoy the best way to do so is to transfer video tapes to digital formats. Many people don’t want to hand over their collection to just anyone. If this is the case, you can transfer them yourself with the right equipment and know how. Better yet, find a trusted professional to do the job right and don’t risk damaging your delicate tapes. Call Disc Hounds at 610-696-8668. We’ll transfer them to a digital format so your memories can be easily shared and last for years to come.