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Old Movie Memories Won’t Last: Why You Should Digitize 8mm Family Films Before It’s Too Late

by | Jul 4, 2019

Why You Should Digitize 8mm Family Films Before It’s Too Late

Capturing and watching home movies requires a completely different process in today’s digital age than it did a couple of decades ago. More modern methods have rendered old 8mm and 16mm film obsolete. Do you still have old family footage? Consider transferring these memories before it’s too late. Find out why it’s important to digitize 8mm film now.

Why Should You Digitize 8mm Film?

Old film, outdated equipment. Flimsy film won’t last forever if you don’t digitize 8mm movies. The delicate chemical material deteriorates rapidly over time, even if you store the reels carefully in the proper environment. Unfortunately, many reels remain in basements or garages where dusty conditions and extreme temperatures damage the film. Even if it’s in good enough shape to view, where do you find a projector that still runs properly? The equipment that enables you to watch your movie memories is just as obsolete as the film.

Accessibility. If you digitize 8mm film, think how easy it would be for family and friends to enjoy the movies as well. You wouldn’t have to hunt down the right equipment to watch them. Fortunately, digital formats play on a variety of readily available devices like computers, tablets, or smart phones. And you can watch and rewatch as much as you want without worrying about wear and tear.

Preserve precious memories. Your family’s history resides on frail material. Digitize 8mm film for future generations. Imagine how thrilled your kids would be to see grandma and grandpa when they were younger! Digital formats are easily copied and shared, making them great gifts for friends and family. Post your family films on social media, share them via the cloud, or give someone a thumb drive preloaded with precious memories. After digitizing, be sure to back up the files for extra safety.

Don’t Wait to Digitize 8mm

To summarize, digitize 8mm film so it’s ready to watch whenever you wish and better preserved for future generations to enjoy. Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving these precious family memories. The old reels and disintegrating film material require immediate attention to be viable for a high quality transfer. Don’t wait. Call 610-696-8668 today to let the experts at Disc Hounds properly preserve your home movie collection before it’s too late.