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How Do I Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

by | Mar 16, 2017

How Do I Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

VHS tapes were all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s, but they’ve become obsolete since the inception of the DVD. But what about the hours of footage you shot on your camcorder back in the day? Fear not: your old home movies aren’t lost forever. It’s actually pretty easy to transfer VHS tapes to DVD format. Read on to learn how.

VHS/DVD Combo Player

This option does most of the work for you. The machine is already set up to convert footage from VHS to DVD, so read your manual for instructions. You’ll just need a blank DVD to insert in the combo player. This method is on the pricier side, as VHS/DVD combo players are less of a need than they used to be, but the ease of the process may make it worth it to you.

Analog-to-Digital Adapter and DVD Burner

This process requires a computer equipped with a DVD burner. Just connect your VHS player to your computer with an analog-to-digital adapter. The adapter usually includes software that guides you through the recording process. This option allows you to convert the movie footage to a digital format. From there, you can share your footage digitally, or you can burn a new DVD.

VHS to DVD Recorder

This option is slightly less expensive than the combo player method. All you need are RCA cables and a blank DVD. Use the RCA cable to connect your VHS player to your DVD player, then insert the VHS tape and blank DVD, and start the conversion process.


To complete any of these processes, you’ll need a functioning VHS player that won’t damage your tapes. Before you get started, clean a VHS tape that you don’t treasure as much and test it on the VHS player to make sure it’s still safe to use and won’t destroy your tapes.

We Can Help You Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

The professionals at Disc Hounds can help you preserve your precious memories forever. Contact us to find out how we can help with the VHS-to-DVD conversion process. Call today at 610-696-8668.