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Does Your VHS Tape Have Mold?

by | Dec 15, 2016

Does Your VHS Tape Have Mold?

At Disc Hounds, we work with VHS tapes every day. Whether we’re transferring their content to disc or digital format or performing repairs, one recurring theme we see is mold damage. Mold is notorious for eating away at VHS tapes until they have been completely decayed. VHS tape mold can be repaired if caught in time, so now’s the time to pull your tapes out of storage and have us take a look. Read on to learn more about VHS tape mold.

Signs of VHS Tape Mold

The early signs of mold on a VHS tape takes the form of white powdery spots. When left untreated, this mold can eventually spread until it thickens into a dusty coating. Once this mold reaches the magnetic tape ribbon, your VHS tape is probably past the point of being saved. When the mold is just on the outer casing it can be wiped clean and taken in to be transferred, but once mold is on the magnetic tape ribbon it can damage transfer equipment.

Cleaning Mold

Here’s our simple advice for cleaning moldy tapes yourself: don’t. It’s easy to find advice online about various wipes and liquids that can remove mold from the casing and magnetic tape ribbon. More often than not, though, these methods are either ineffective or damaging to the tape. The equipment and techniques used by professionals is the safest way to salvage your tape, especially if the footage is important or sentimental to you.

VHS Tape Mold Prevention

Moisture and heat combine to form mold on surfaces. Video tapes are no exception. The key to preventing VHS tape mold is by storing them correctly. Store your tapes in a dry, humidity-free place with little light exposure.

Contact Disc Hounds

Sometimes we need to see potential damage for ourselves. Stop on by or call to set up a time so we can inspect your VHS tapes, clean them, and discuss whether they need repairs before being transferred to a new format. Contact us today so we can start preserving your memories!