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DIY DVD Video Authoring: What You Need to Know

by | Oct 20, 2016

DIY DVD Authoring

Need to store or transfer your video files? Chances are, you’ll turn to a DVD as the place to store them. You just need to learn the art of DVD authoring and soon you’ll be creating your own DVDs that can be played in nearly any DVD player. All you need to author your own DVDs is a DVD burner and the right software. Read on to learn the basics of DIY video DVD authoring.

DVD Authoring Software: Download & Install

A specific type of burning program is required to convert your video file into a format that is compatible with DVD players. Most programs don’t come pre-loaded on computers, but there are a number of free software programs out there that you can try.

Buy the Right Disc

  • DVD-R is the best disc format to use for creating a video DVD because it’s compatible with the most DVD players.

Create a New Project & Upload Files

  • Your program will have a menu that lets you pick the type of DVD you want to create. Select the “Video” option.
  • Most video formats are supported by most authoring software. Start adding your video files to the project you’ve just started by clicking and dragging the file into the project window or by selecting a file stored on your computer.


  • DVD authoring programs convert your video files to the MPEG-2 format so it can play on standalone DVD players. You can complete this step at any point in the process.


  • Next, you’ll create your DVD’s customized menu by accessing your authoring program’s menu creation tool. Menus aren’t a requirement, though–you can opt to have your DVD begin playing when inserted into a player.

The Burning Process

  • Once your menu has been created and your files have finished converting, it’s time to insert your blank DVD-R into your DVD burner. Now open the “Burn” menu in your program.
  • Select “Start” or “Burn” to begin the burning process.

Testing, Testing

  • After the burning process has completed, try playing your burned disc on a DVD player.

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