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What Happens to Old VHS Tapes?

by | May 2, 2019

What Happens to Old VHS Tapes?

Considered cutting-edge technology in the 1980s, the VHS camcorder was the way to go for recording memorable events. These camcorders began to decline as the device of choice for home movie makers in the 2000s. Soon, smartphones took over with the ability to shoot high-definition video in a pocket-sized package. But what happens to old VHS tapes, and the precious memories they hold, now that new formats are in the forefront?

Good Tapes Gone Bad

Time takes a toll on old VHS tapes that never had a long lifespan to begin with. Chances are tapes in your possession already lived a long life. They may be more than 30 years old. And, sadly they usually sit at the back of a closet or in a damp basement. Although keeping them in a clean, dry, climate-controlled environment may prolong the lifespan, other dangers await this out-dated format.

Over time, the tape inside the case chemically breaks down, resulting in “moldy” material or breakage. Tapes played, rewound, and fast-forwarded many times lack the original quality. Also, most manufacturers discontinued production of VCRs, the equipment that plays VHS tapes, years ago. So, where do you find a device in good working condition to play your old VHS tape collection?

What Do You Do with Old VHS Tapes?

Old VHS tapes hold valuable memories of weddings, vacations, and people no longer with us. If you wait too long transferring content from the aging format is no longer an option. The content is lost forever.

The way to keep your movies and memories alive is to transfer them to a digital format such as flash drives, downloadable files, and DVDs. These formats keep them safe, easy to store, and accessible for viewing on your device of choice. The most elementary method involves purchasing a combination player to make the conversion. Another technique requires connecting a VCR player to a DVD recorder using RCA cables. Lastly, transfer movies using a computer with a DVD burner. This way is more time consuming and requires a VCR player in good working condition. Also, you need to download DVD recording software.

There are many advantages to transferring old VHS tapes to digital formats. Your memories now are easy to edit, copy, store, and share. But it’s a complicated and time-consuming process that requires specialized equipment. Fortunately, professionals equipped with top technology and knowledge offer this convenient service.

Help Is One Call Away

For great results and quick turn around, call Disc Hounds at 610-696-8668. We transfer old VHS tapes, film, photos, and more so you can easily preserve and access your memories for years to come.