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How to Transfer Cassette Tapes to Digital

by | Jul 19, 2018

How to Transfer Cassette Tapes to Digital

While many remember cassette tapes as a standard of convenience, the old Walkman is still no match for your kid’s new iPod. Your tape collection may have lost its value but your music can last for another generation! Convert your cassette tape to digital and your kids won’t miss out on the opportunity to hear music from the “good old days.” Here’s how to transfer your old cassette tapes to digital.

Transfer Instructions

You can transfer the tapes yourself if you have a lot of time on your hands. At normal speeds, it takes up to 45 minutes to process a 30-minute tape! By the time you finish recording your collection, Mp3 files may be obsolete! Convert at high speeds and you can save yourself time, but the dubbing will significantly decrease the audio quality. If your tapes have been exposed to temperature swings and humidity for 30 years, the audio may already be damaged. And high-speed conversion could still take hundreds of hours depending on the size of your collection. You could buy a professional recorder to reduce your effort, but these devices cost upwards of five hundred dollars.

Professional conversion offers studio quality recordings without the time and effort. Keep your personal memories in good hands: we digitize every tape by hand to prevent harm to damaged and fragile tapes. The best part? Our compact disks are archival grade and made to last over 100 years so future generations won’t have to maintain the collection. Just like you wouldn’t leave your children with a stranger, you shouldn’t leave your collection of tapes with just anyone. Choose a local service who will handle your memories like they would their own. We’ll even digitally remaster faded tracks to take out pops and crackles and bring back lost clarity. You’ll be able to hear the difference. Have your tapes professionally digitized and reclaim the “good old days” before its too late!

We Transfer Cassette Tapes

The knowledgeable pros at Disc Hounds are experienced in transferring cassettes and other outdated formats to digital so you don’t have to. Contact us today by calling 610-696-8668 to learn more about what we can do for you.