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How Do I Transfer 16mm Film to Digital?

by | Jan 11, 2018

How Do I Transfer 16mm Film to Digital?

Many people have accumulated 16mm film footage over the years. This presents a few problems. How and where do you store it? How do you protect it from mold, water damage, and degradation over time? For most, digitalization is the best route to take in preserving these invaluable memories. A DVD, for example, is a compact, modern place to archive old footage. Read on and learn why it is important and how to transfer 16mm film to a digital format.

What Is 16mm Film, Anyway?

16mm film was named for the width of the film material and was a favored format for making movies. Used for both amateur and low-budget Hollywood movie purposes, it was first developed in 1923. This type of film remained a popular and affordable option up until digital cameras began to take over in the 21st century.

Why Transfer 16mm Film Today?

Old film material degrades in time. Dust, dirt, light, temperature, and moisture contribute to the damage that occurs while unwatched reels of film sit in boxes over the years. If you transfer 16mm film now, you preserve your memories for the future. And if you transfer 16mm film to a more modern media, like a DVD, it’s easy to access that old home movie to watch whenever you want on any DVD player.

The Kinescope Method

Kinescope is a process that was historically used to record television footage onto a film format. Nowadays, people want to do the opposite (transfer film to a digital format), so they use a reverse (also known as a converse) kinescope technique. Reverse kinescope filming involves delicately dusting and cleaning off the film using a professional negative brush. The next step is to point the camera at the screen to record the film footage as it plays.

Send Your Film Out for Professional Results

It’s no easy feat to transfer 16mm film to a digital format yourself. Both the picture and sound quality often suffer due to a lack of experience in the process. For better, more reliable transfer results, many choose the professional route.

The pros at Disc Hounds know everything there is about how to transfer 16mm film, as well as other types of media. We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure reliable results. Trust us to preserve your old memories by turning your old film into a digital experience. Call us today at 610-696-8668 for a quote.