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Four Reasons to Transfer Audio Tapes Now

by | Apr 4, 2019

Four Reasons to Transfer Audio Tapes Now

Remember the mixed tape? If you are old enough to remember what it is, then you probably still have a few stashed away in storage or boxed up in the basement. Tapes of your old college radio show, high school band, or music mixes from an old flame are memories worth keeping. But old cassettes won’t last forever. They deteriorate over time. To properly preserve your memories, transfer audio tapes to a more modern format before it’s too late. Here’s why.

Proper Storage Is Required

Where do you keep your collection? Hopefully, the answer to that question was not the basement, attic, garage, or shed. Cassettes stored in these locations often come in contact with dirt, dust, chemicals, extreme temperatures, hungry pests, and moisture. One good reason to transfer audio tapes now is that they’ll be safe from many of these enemies when stored on a hard drive or in the cloud. Even if you keep your tape collection in a relatively safe environment, the smallest exposure to fluctuating temperatures, for example, speeds up the deterioration process.

Handling and Use

Just like the cassette tape, the equipment on which tapes are played is outdated. Not only that, but a working cassette player is hard to find nowadays. The ones still in existence are old, dusty, and often broken. Putting your favorite mix in a questionable player risks damage or even destruction. Be careful when you handle cassettes, too. The plastic casing protects the tape inside from the oils on our skin. These oils harm the delicate material.


Time is enemy number one for older media like cassettes. Even if the collection is safe from the elements, stored in the best of circumstances, and rarely played, time takes its toll. Your cassettes are decades old already, and the fragile material deteriorates as the years pass. Transfer audio tapes before they are too old and damaged to do so.

Memories Are Made to Be Shared

Probably the best reason to transfer audio tapes to a digital format is that it’s the easiest way to share your music or memories with others. A digital file is easily uploaded to social media. It’s also easier to make multiple copies of digital files. And just think, with multiple copies, everyone in your old high school band gets their own musical memories to play or pass onto others whenever they want!

We’ll Transfer Audio Tapes for You

Maybe you are short on time or don’t have the proper equipment to transfer audio tapes yourself. We’re here to help. Let Disc Hounds properly preserve your cassette collection, so you can start sharing your music and memories as soon as possible. Call us at 610-696-8668 today!