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DVD vs. Digital Files: Which Format is Better for You?

by | Sep 15, 2016

DVD vs Digital File

DVD vs. Digital: What to Do?!

When it comes to movie viewing preferences, there is a choice to make: hard copy DVD vs. digital. Because each format has its advantages as well as disadvantages, there is no universally better way to buy, whether you’re purchasing a new movie or looking to transfer an old reel to reel. DVD vs. digital is a personal decision every individual has to make based on their immediate needs, budget, and space (both in your home and hard drive). Read on for help deciding which format is right for you.

DVD Advantages:

The physical DVD offers a certain amount of security. You will be able to view it without Internet access and it can be loaned out to friends free of charge (but whether you ever get it back is another issue altogether.) The ability to loan out the physical disc is especially ideal for those who get old family videos transferred and want to share them out. You can also try to sell a DVD once you no longer want it in your collection. And, of course, you can buy used DVDs for a discounted price.

DVD Disadvantages:

The cost of DVDs are a major differentiator. They are more expensive than digital formats, and the disc types are updated more often. Blu-ray is already moving in on the DVD’s territory, which will soon render the DVD obsolete.

Digital Advantages:

Digital movies are often available for download right as a movie is released. This immediacy is where the greatest advantage lies. But this isn’t the only convenience: you can watch your digital movie from almost any device: iPods, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, and smart TVs are all compatible with movies in digital format.

Digital Disadvantages:

Reformatting has proven to be an issue for digital movies. Your ability to view certain movies is also dependent on the company providing the content. If their site goes down, you’ve lost your ability to view. Digital files come in a number of file types, as well. Formats run the risk of becoming obsolete or corrupted. They are also harder to share out, as digitally purchased movies have certain copyright restrictions.

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